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Refrigerated international transport
The company has great experience in providing refrigerated shipments to all Arab countries and providing measuring devices throughout the duration of the trip to preserve products from damage and tracking the movement of shipments throughout the duration of the trip, moment by moment, until reaching international markets abroad.
Dry international transport
During the period from 2004 to date, a very large international transport fleet was arranged for all Arab countries, whether Egyptian or foreign cars, of all sizes and lengths required for each product.
We have closed cars to preserve perishable goods from rain and other weather factors

We have side cars that accommodate large quantities of goods with appropriate cover insurance. We have rooftop cars for transporting all petroleum equipment, factory structures and operating machines of special sizes. Shipping, collection, which is receiving the sizes of small goods in square meters and exporting them abroad as known from door to door, including customs clearance in Egypt and in the country of the importer, if necessary. All of the above are implemented with absolute professionalism and credibility to maintain high quality for our customers.

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