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Integrated transport solutions.

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Integrated transportation solutions.
One of the best things that distinguished us in the period from 2004 to 2023 is transportation and land freight of all kinds, whether refrigerated or regular transport, where the activity was in the individual establishment before Al-Fayed Company for Export, Shipping and Customs Clearance until Al-Fayed Logistics Company developed
It is a registered Egyptian solidarity company that obtains all licenses and legal registrations. Any contract related to transportation to all parts of the world.

We are also distinguished by the competitive prices of the transport market because we deal directly and without intermediaries or transport brokers with transport contractors and car owners in all ports and transport and car parks, whether Egyptian or foreign cars.

All refrigerated and regular trucks can be provided, whether flat, closed, or sides, to suit all goods to ensure the safety of the products’ arrival in a way that satisfies our customers.
It is also possible to contract with loads of scavengers and tanks of all sizes, transport petroleum equipment, factory structures and production requirements, and provide the necessary permits for that from the competent authorities.
All shipments are subject to the latest tracking and safety methods with truck drivers to ensure the timely arrival of goods to customers’ warehouses

We believe in this by issuing appropriate and necessary land freight policies for each customer and making binding contracts that guarantee the rights of everyone, whether the customer or truck owners, and issuing the necessary insurance policies for that if necessary towards our customers

We provide a partial shipping service, or what is known as assembly shipping, to the Arab countries, where we receive parts of the goods and collect them for partial shipment, using the best means of transportation and the lowest costs.

Al-Fayed Logistics Services left a wonderful impression in the land transport industry, as the company is distinguished by its old presence in this field from 2004 until now, which has made the name a great place in the transport and logistics market, as it was contracted with the largest leading companies in this field to act as a basic supplier for them and provide all Needs to export Egyptian products abroad

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Land Services ALC

What is land freight
Movement of cargo from point A to point B by road through trucks or railway is called as Land freight forwarding.

What are the types of land shipments
There are major types of shipment movement involved in Land freight forwarding. One is LTL shipments ( Less than Truck Load) that moves cargo with a weight of between 150 and 15,000 pounds. Efficient for domestic and international land freight shipments that occupy less than 24 feet of the space and is not more than 5 pallets.

Then there is FTL (Full Truck Load

) where the truck’s trailer carries only one shipment in bulk. The entire space is reserved for one dedicated shipment. This type of trucking has several benefits which include
Cheaper compared to LTL trucking.
The shipments get to the destination quickly as there are no other stopovers in between.
Less handling which means fewer chances of goods getting damaged
Container trucking is one more type of shipment mode where the containers between the loading site and the container port (or yard) are moved.
Heavy-lift cargo trucking is the one which is moved by heavy-duty trailers specially made to handle cargo of any dimension and weight.

How land freight works
Land freight services are steady and flexible, safe and practical. Most of the products that are transported include FMCG, Refrigerated Food and perishable products, Pharmaceutical and medical products, Hazardous and non-hazardous solids and liquids, chemicals, dangerous goods, heavy equipment and machinery, construction materials such as sand, rocks, asphalt and steel.
Most of the LTL system works follow this process.

The shipment is collected first from point A. Point A is shipper’s loading site. The shipment is then delivered to the service provider or third party warehouse. The shipment is then sorted and put together with other loads whose destination is the same. The same process goes on till the shipment is reached the recipient location.
ALC logistics have been a pioneer in providing Logistics solutions which include Land freight forwarding services at a cost-effective price.
Along with providing dedicated and professional land freight forwarding in EGYPT , ALC also offers a wide variety of services related to logistics and supply chain management consultations.
Grow your business and connect to other markets around the globe with ALC LOGISTICS COMPANY.


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